In the Beginning…

3350015288_ddc7065417[1]Birth. Here you have it. A brand new baby blog, freshly born, full of potential and yet to really understand what its life is all about. Why are Pat and I starting this project? I can’t speak for him, but I personally think it is because we are at a very changing time in our lives and it was time to try something new and exciting. (plus he always sees me reading silly lifestyle blogs) Now I want to make it clear that I don’t think our lives are anything more miraculous than you who is reading this, but I do think really dwelling/blogging about our lives little beautiful oddities will in the end make us appreciate the journey all the more. Plus, we will have something very visual to look back on. Ok, well, my lofty goals for this blog are for it to be a little mind escape from your day, an encouragement, a fun journey marker and most of all real. Get ready for the good the bad and the ugly.

Love All, Sarah

Woman With Baby by Egon Schiele 


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