Brian Keene is a big fat jerk

Okay, so… with any indie author there are literally two things that just absolutely make their day. It is these two things that any indie author strives to achieve. One, obviously… would be to sign a contract with a big-6 agency so that they don’t have to work a real job. And the other is to have their favorite author (the one they look up to) read their work and acknowledge their existence. And one of these two things happened to me. No, I didn’t quit the day job if that’s what you’re thinking. But it doesn’t matter, because my all time favorite author reached out across cyber space and patted me on the back. How freaking cool is that?
First off, who is my favorite author? Brian Keene. Rather than me give a brief history of his bibliography, you can just CLICK HERE to view his site and books. He writes mostly horror and splatterpunk. I stumbled across him at Half Price Books when I used to tour for a living. Tour gives you a lot of time to read, so naturally I have read pretty much all of his work. Great stuff.

Anyway, I wrote a Lovecraftian novel called Hitchers. It manages to make its way into the hands of Thunderstorm Books (A limited Edition Hardcover Publishing Company). It was through this release of the book that Brian Keene acquired a copy, thus reading it.

Apparently it wasn’t too terrible and after reading it Keene even went so far as mention it on one of his podcasts. After finding out that he read it I had to ask for a blurb to go on the site. Yes, I was that annoying fan. But can you blame me?

And Brian Keene being the super cool dude that he is, was all like ‘Heck yea‘… and totally officially said something about my book!

Here is what he said about my novel Hitchers.
“Stellar. Knocked my socks off.” – Brian Keene, author of The Risings

So yeah… day officially made!

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