All the lands


I am super excited about what just came in the mail. I got a full set of all the duel lands today! Very cool. This means that I am well on my way to putting together a five color EDH deck. I have already picked a general for the deck. I am going with Child of Alara (he basically blows everything up if you try to kill him). Obviously, I had to spice it up a bit and made my own rendition of the general. Nothing wrong with a little b-movie horror, right? Now if I can just get my hands on those fetch lands. Then I might be doing really good toward the future deck. Regardless, I am well on my way! If you don’t know why I felt it was worth blogging about these silly little cards, then CLICK HERE to get an idea on what this set ‘can’ be worth. No, I didn’t pay that price, but it proves my point for excitement.

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