Feminist Issues – Body Hate

Ok, so I realize from the beginning that I am going to ask lot of questions in this post and the one follower we have will probably not comment on them. That’s ok, We are new and a 100 years from now when we are all living perfect lives on mars someone will comment. Also, its kind of long.

Ok, I decided to post about body hate because as a female(and males too, but less so) we have been ingrained from the moment of our parents discovery of our gender to hate our bodies. Now I am sure right now you are saying to yourself, How can I be plausible, that early in our lives for use to begin developing this distain. Think about it, the amount of times a happy couple has wished for a son, someone to carry on the name, take the family business, blah blah blah. That subconscious disappointment transfers to your soon to be daughter, begins the cycle of hatred for her genetics. Ok so there are always exceptions, this part doesn’t relate to you. Skip a head a few years, while we are dressing our children, what do we put our boys in rather than our girls, (just overall). The boys are put in comfortable and functional clothes, while we females are subjected to frilly dresses, our ears being pierced as and infant, and uncomfortable headbands. Now you might being saying now, Yes Sarah, but all of that is to distinguish our femininity, not punish us. How does a lack of comfort and function celebrate anyone’s body? Especially since we will wear this style of clothes up until someone awakens our eyes to choice and freedom from continually judging ourselves based on societies expectations.

Lets move on to childhood, elementary. These same clothes that your parents dressed you in as infants, now you wear something similar(because they are still buying your clothes), but you are developing socially and desire more interaction and far more play. Now what does this have to do with body hate? Think about it, while the boys are allowed to play in the mud, the females are not allowed(because they are fragile, clean, blah blah). Or maybe they are but they can’t play really play in this female costume they have been dressed in. The amount of times I have seen a little girl wearing a dress, playing and getting in trouble for her panties accidently showing, because it is inappropriate, not ladylike, etc. (What if pedophile saw!) Ok, who’s fault is this that you have just shamed a little girl? The parents. That little girl is only wearing that unfunctional outfit because it has been put on her or because she has been raised to understand there is no other option to what she can wear. Slowly young girls are taught that their bodies are something to be ashamed of. Lets not forget about the superiority complex that is being breed into the males at this time, with sports and the observation of the female species being denied their rights.

Ok lets pretend this is not something you experienced(yeah right). Other people have! Now we are at Junior High/High School age and females are trying to explore the other options for their body. All hands on deck. Parents are many times not supportive of their little angels trying anything than what they would not do themselves (aka losing control), While during this stage the “boys will be boys” mentality is rampant. Hello, females have eyes they are seeing this, but instead of seeing it through the sensible eyes of a well adjusted adult as injustice, they see it as being viewed as inferior to the male species. They are hating the body they are born with. Also at this stage is when we begin seeing the development of complex relationships with food/eating disorders. Why do you think? My analysis is that at this stage we as humans are hyperflooded  with all this information from the media, internet, socialization, everywhere (even teachers) of what a perfect body should look like. Now yes boys and girls do both experience this, but the multitude of articles on how to please a man with your body, how to get ready to wear your bikini, how to do your make up five hundred different ways. This plus the introduction of pornography to 75% of boys at this time, leads to unrealistic expectations on the purpose and shape of the female form. And yes I am aware most boys don’t look at a girl and think “she has a great personality, but I am not going to take her to prom because she looks nothing like any of the porn actresses I frequently objectify.” No the boys are not attracted to those girls because they have never been taught what real attraction means and have been left to virtually raise themselves (which is a whole other blog topic). So where does this leave females, in a world where they cannot meet the standards set for them, are actively discouraged from exploring who they are, and repeatedly told physiologically that their body is something to be ashamed of. After all this is the stage where calling another person a name to make yourself look better is at its highest. If they are what you label a “skank” than how could you be one? The irony is that this mindset many times is so ingrained that both males and females can have it well into their older adult lives.-The labeling to improve ones self view.

Ok so, adulthood. I am going out on a limb here and saying by this stage 99.9% of woman have been taught to hate their body is some respect. You don’t look like her, your too fat, too skinny, Its your fault you eat too much, Your genes cause all your faults- You hate your genes. Anyway, you are now in your adult stage, You still label people occasionally/frequently. Society has widened for you even further, you watch more movies, talk to more people, have more relationships, move away from the people who caused you prior pain. Here generally is when both males and females either develop their self worth or self hate. Hopefully as a female you are introduced to the feminist movement, the idea that your body is not an object and the awareness that you been treated unfairly until now and probably will until your death. BUT YOU HAVE THE POWER. You can control how you view yourself, you can live alone/or find someone who respects who you individually are, male/female/undetermined/whatever. While I hope this is what happens to all humanity at this stage and actively try to awaken others eyes, the majority it does not.(or the fight is too much for them) While this new freedom that comes with adulthood is exciting it also can be harmful. This is a the stage where women are in and out of meaningless relationships, hoping to find the man to complete them(hint: no one can complete you, you have to change your perspective from being broken to beautiful) Here woman are verbally, sexually, emotionally abused (more frequently than men) because they are viewed as weak objects by their perpetrators. This furthers a woman’s body hate whether it happens to her or not. She begins to view herself as the majority of society views her. While all of this happens a woman is also taught that certain jobs are not for her because of her genetics, but the jobs that she is allowed to have many times she will be paid less and advance slower than her male coworker because he won’t get pregnant while working there, or be too timid to tell the other workers what to do. Falsities are being fed into the female psych and left there to breed. (I could go on and on)

Move on to Old Age and death. As a female ages she is not viewed as distinguished like many of her male aging friends. Her wrinkles are a sign of being frail right? Not the long strong life the male had to earn his. Woman begin wondering is their significant others will leave them because of their aging body, after all they feel that their body is the only real connection they have to anyone. While men who are concerned about their aging body can easily have insurance pay for their issues, woman must pay out of pocket. Woman are concerned about all the things that they could have done different to prevent their bodies from aging, while still surround by the same propaganda they have been surrounded with their entire life. This is when a person should view their entire life as a glorious adventure, but even now woman are taught to care how their appearance is. As a woman’s eyesight fails she still is attempting to put on eyeliner.

Nature does not teach these divisions and hatred for our bodies, In fact nature praises how wonderful are bodies support us and provide life. Think about the hatred you are putting on yourself, you can change your perspective, you can love your genetics while seeing the injustice, grow. You are beautiful and you are strong.


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