Life Lately…

Ok, so I will admit, I am not terribly good at this blogging thing. I tend to ramble (usual) and then nothing makes sense or in general is not interesting to anyone but myself. So, I thought to myself, What do I enjoy reading blogs/articles about: Daily Life. So whether this interests you or not I am going to do a little post about what has been going on with me.


You may know me personally or have just seen on the site that I label myself as an art teacher. Well, what you may not know is I merely have my art education degree (since Dec. 2014). I don’t have an actual classroom to call my own, yet….! So since December and really since mid February, I have been looking extremely hard for a Art Teacher job. As you might expect it is hard to get into because flat out: Art Teachers love their jobs and either retire or die with them. This causes the market to be fairly flooded with new graduates and few positions. So here I have been, filling out countless online applications (50+), driving long distances to career fairs, interviewing at schools who don’t always understand your art lingo and dealing with other art teachers who think just because they are looking for a art job too means that you have to be hateful to each other. It has been interesting and trying at times. Now, I must say, We are willing to relocate, but of course we would love to stay near our friends and family too, so this has been a crazy time of considering and planning for both Pat and I.

SOooooO…..Where are we headed? I don’t honestly know at this moment. I have interviews I am waiting to hear from, interviews I am waiting to go to, and this one job that I was actually offered that is a bit of a exciting wildcard. Soon, very soon we will know. Bring on the season of CHANGE!


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