The Graduation of Doctor Douglas


Well, this weekend was out of control. I don’t think I have been this busy on any given weekend since I was on tour. My dad just recently graduated with his Doctorate in Nursing or something like that. So, now… he is like a legit doctor and whatnot. We spent the weekend celebrating this occasion by traveling to distant lands, sitting in a lot in airplanes, stadiums, cars, and hotels. My butt cheeks are sore. The first day we woke up at like 3 am and flew out with one layover that lasted about an hour. So all in all that day wasn’t all that bad. The next day we hung out with friends and went to a history museum and learned about the 666 ranch from a real life Indiana Jones type dude. Sarah and I snuck up onto the roof of the hotel after watching a maintenance man come down the stairwell without locking up. And then, obviously… we went to the graduation. My dad is awesome. He worked very hard to get this degree. The older I get the more and more I look exactly like him. That’s not so bad though, since we are both super sexy anyway. On the way to the dedication or recognition, what-you-ma-call-it… I realized I missed the Matrix memo.

Basically, the weekend was a lot of fun. But that wasn’t the interesting part.

The flight back was something not at all like the one taking us to the graduation.

Woke up at 2:30 am, flew out at like 4 and had turbulence all the way. Didn’t even land in Dallas for our layover. We landed in Oklahoma. By the time we got off the plane arriving finally in Dallas, we spent 9 hours on a plane ride that should have taken 2. Then, all of the other flights leading home from Dallas were a bust as well. Had things gone smoothly we would have had 4 hours of flying with one layover and would have been home before lunchtime. Instead we spent 9 hours in a plane and 7 hours in a rental car. Storms and tornado warnings a plenty.

It was out of control. But honestly, totally worth it.

I am very proud of my doctor dad.


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