Wolfcop, the movie

They seriously need to make more movies like this one. It was fantastic! It reminded me of the 1980’s horror classics like Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Wolfcop explains it all in the title. It’s about a wolf that’s a cop. The movie was filled with action, gore, and an even mix of humor. That says a lot of director Lowell Dean. You have a great film that is packed with suspense, but you don’t take yourself super serious either. Those are my kind of movies. Light hearted horror. Less dependence on digital graphics and more dependence on camera angle, props, and syrup. Heck freaking yea! I recommend this movie to anyone. A lot of the time with a movie like this you usually take a great idea with a decent budget and you fill it with terrible actors that totally botch the film. But you expect that and trudge through to the end like any b-horror movie fan would. Wolfcop isn’t that film. All of the actors in this one really did hit the mark. No eye rolls from this viewer! If you love Dawn of the Dead-recommend! If you loved the Notebook-recommend!

I can’t wait for part two.


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