Kite Envy

Hello, Sarah here. One thing you should know is that Pat generally has a million hobbies, I do not. I have a few I dabble with, but I tend to not really commit fully to any one extracurricular. BUT I recently picked up kiting and I feel instantly I will be obsessed for a while. Yes, I am talking about the activity you did as children, outside. Well, like any mini obsession I instantly found my dream kite(s). Let me introduce you to George Peters Designs.


What I love about his designs is that they are instantly recognizable as his, colorful, striking, large, abstract, fun, and work as both a kite and a work of art. In a vague way the remind me of installation Artists Christo and Jean-Claude’s works. Anyone else feel the same? Kites are  a bit like temporary installations.

And actually….they have been shown in a gallery format, which is amazing for what most people consider a child’s hobby.81pzm9Vg8CL._SX522_

Also they could be related to the native american totems as well. The most amazing part of these beautiful creations are that they are both readily available on the market and each color is sewn together not printed! Not only do I lust after owning one or more of his creations, but I also can see great potential in using him as a resource for an art lesson on kitemaking and design!


Kites-George Peters Designs

Valley Curtain-Christo and Jean-Claude

p.s. You can watch five documentaries online about Christo and Jean-Claude’s work. (FREE)


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