Family and the path

Home is where the heart is. Currently, Sarah and I are stuffed between a rock and a hard place. We are moving. And with moving comes looking for places to live. The problem that we have come across is that no one seems to want to rent to people that have pets. And if they allow pets, said pets can’t be inside pets. And if you come across a place that allows pets to be inside… well, then… they can’t weigh more than fifteen pounds. That’s a hard one for us considering the fact that both of our dogs are pushing the one hundred pound mark. It has been a very aggravating week for both Sarah and I in that regard. House searching has become a real chore. The easy out would be to scrap the dogs and just get an apartment. It would be an easy fix and the rent would be almost half what we would have to pay for a place that had a back yard. But come on… seriously. This is family we are talking about. I am not just some chump that is going to drop his dogs because he is moving. I refuse. There has got to be a house out there with our name on it. It is just a matter of time.
But therein lays the problem. We are short on time. We only have a few months to get this moving thing figured out. Sarah starts her new job in August and it is already into the first week of June. The time frame and the lack of options has me feeling like I am cramming for a midterm of a final in dead people school. We are both stressed a little and we could use the prayers.

As things develop we will keep you posted.

We aren’t giving up by any account. But that doesn’t make our situation any less difficult.

We love our pets because they are our family. And anyone that could just drop a pet at the local shelter without blinking an eye is a looser in my book. And if what I just said offends you, then chances are you don’t really relate to our blog posts anyway.

Family sticks together.

And… yes, Sarah missed the black memo in the above illustration.

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