Super Friends are Serious #EDH #MTG

I have played against a lot of different decks in my time as an MTG player. The fun thing about Magic the Gathering in the Commander/EDH format is that anything can happen. It is honestly anyone’s game. And unlike a lot of the other formats it doesn’t come down to who has the most money put into their deck. This isn’t the case in formats like Modern or Legacy. I have seen a $200 deck take down a $2000 deck tons of times. In Commander it comes down to luck of the draw and the player’s ability to actually strategize and play. For example, my strongest deck is actually my cheapest deck. I currently have 4 decks. But I am in the process of making a 5th and final deck. All decks can be tweaked a little, but I can gladly say that this is my final deck to make. So, I am going all out. No holds bar. I decided to go with Sliver Queen. And if you know the format, then you know what that means. Super Friends!
I change all of my generals just to make it a little spicy. Like, Howard the Duck for my creature deck, or… Indiana Jones for my Artifact Deck. I even got the great Cthulhu as a general for my infinite deck. Seemed like the right fit. Anyway, I had to come up with something for the new Sliver Queen. And since she spits out little slivers I felt like Killer Clowns from Outer Space was a perfect fit. Spitting out little clowns with their cotton candy cocoons! Fun stuff.
All of that aside, feel free to Click Here to see the deck I am building. Like I said, I am pulling out all the stops. So, the deck is super expensive. And rightfully so… it is super friends after all. And what is more surprising than the price of this deck is the fact that I am literally only 8 cards shy from completing this fat beast!


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