The Worst Blogger: The Sarah Story


Hello, you may not remember me… ha ha. I will cut the chit chat, I am a terrible blogger because I do not continually blog, which I am sure is the one and really only thing readers desire. Oh well, can’t teach this old dog new tricks. Buttttt……Apparently you can teach our dogs new tricks, because they barely noticed we have moved. Or at least didn’t reach in the -brace yourselves, all hands on deck- way I had prepared myself for. No really, they have been angel babies. Which is honestly surprising since we moved underneath 6 kids, I’m not kidding(boo) its a regular circus up there and honestly deserves its own blog. No really, they have been angel babies. Other than that, there has been a lot of Netflix watching and sitting until they let me loose to go completely destroy my classroom and rebuild to my whims. No really, It needs a facelift from 1974 crafttime with kiddies appearance, lets see if I can at least get it to the 2000’s.

Mental update- with all this free time and my virtually empty pocketbook, I have went clean crazy. I guess it helps that with this place I don’t feel like cleaning is a hopelessly losing battle. We will see how long it lasts…and if I can get the mister to hop on chugga chugga cleantrain. (hint hint)


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