Wish I owned it….

….but the internet is mean, list.

So to continue my blogging streak of writing posts that no one wants to read I though I would share some of my materialistic desires that I will not own because the source is lost in the internet abyss. Whoo that was a long run on sentence if I do say so myself. I am sorta basing this on a “Friday Favorites” series of posts by a serious blogger that I read. By that I mean, people give her stuff and she doesn’t have to have a real job. dream land, having bills paid and getting paid to eat new food, take pictures of my life, wear fancy clothes. Ok, yes, how long can you keep up with that? who knows. Forever. Ok, back to what I was saying, basing it on those blogs, totally going to be not anything like them. Here we go!


This dreamy Keith Haring Bike. Ok I love my bike, I really just want those wheels, drool. Can you imagine what this would cost? A pretty penny? A million Clamshells?


That daisy shirt! I would take off those silly letter buttons and put regular ones one, but other than that, perf. I wouldn’t mind that jacket either…


This bag! If I knew where to get this and it was reasonably priced…boy man I tell you what. Seriously, If you know where to get it, message me.


Obviously This bumper sticker belongs on my car. Duh!


Lastly, I need this painting, I am sure it would cost more than my apartment, but would look fantastic above my sofa. Someone buy this and leave it on my doorstep, no one appreciates fine art so it will be ok there.


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