It Begins!

and-the-chaos-beginsSo I FINALLY got access to my classroom this past Monday. I know geez, what am I complaining about, most teachers don’t get to see their room until the week before school starts. BUT, I needed to get in there, rip stuff down, put stuff up, make it my own. On Monday I got a good amount done, I am definitely not done, but I made me start really thinking of what I still needed and made this whole job thing feel real (which is simultaneously frightening and very exciting.) Lists have been made, things have been printed, materials have been bought and that is all since MONDAY!

Also, I realized how much CRAP the last teacher had, just loads and loads of precut templates (Mrs. Matthis would lose her top!) And yes I realize the Art budget is very low, but did you really have to buy the absolute worst paintbrushes you could find, like straight up sprigs of plastic for bristles. Ha ha. So yes, this year will be new, maybe improved, mistakes will be made, but learning will occur,(not only on the students part.) It feels good to dive in!

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