Dead People School Update: Mortuary Science

I have an update for everyone regarding Dead People School. I finished my first semester with flying colors. I got really good grades. But not without the help of my dad and Sarah. They were a big support system for me going through my first ever online class—helping me study and answer questions about what my professors were actually trying to get at. I know what you are thinkng… why not just ask the professors? Well, if you have ever taken an online class you know that response time from instructors has a lot of lag. Because of that I learned to lean on those around me for a quicker response. They didn’t seem to mind. Once the new school year starts for Sarah’s new job she will be a lot less available for help, but I know she will help me when she can. My family is awesome.


What is on the horizon of Dead People School?

I’m glad you asked. I was actually supposed to enroll in the next semester which would have had me starting this week. I however withdrew from this coming semester so that I could be free to help Sarah get her new classroom set up. I went into this under the assumption that I could start back in October. This is not the case. I will not be able to pick back up where I left off until January. It does suck to see that much time go by before I can get back into it. I feel like it is wasted time. But such is life. I am excited about the future and I am moving forward. I will be re-enrolling for the January Semester. And at that time, I will be full steam ahead until the program is complete.

What about your tattoos?

Man, you guys are hitting the really good questions this morning. Yes, it is true… the mortuary business is a traditionalist business. This means that I can’t have visible tattoos. This is literally impossible for me. I have them from the tip of my fingers up to the hairline of my beard on my throat and neck. Because of this there is a large part of me that is worried about my ability to find a job during or after I complete the program. This is however not deterring me from reaching for what I want. And I want this. You ever hear the phrase; we don’t have because we don’t ask? I am a strong believer in that. And despite the obstacles I will face because of my appearance I have faith in God, myself, and those that support me to make this thing happen. Once I complete the program I will knock on every door until someone lets me in. and trust me, I will too. I used to book tours for a living. I know how many times you get turned away before you land the one that’s right for you.

Anyhow, school is on hold until January. Sarah starts her school job soon. Now I am freed up to help her get her stuff lined out. Let’s roll.

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