Ettin games review #MTG #EDH #CMDR

Today was my first day to visit Ettin Games in Humble, Texas. First off, the person who worked there was at the door the moment I walked in to great me as a new face—introducing himself. He was very prompt with answering any questions that I had. Although I arrived prior to any of the MTG players a small table instantly invited me in to join them at a game I have never played. So I did just that. All of the people in this group were very nice and eager to welcome a new face to the table. This was nice and unexpected. Once the EDH began I was instantly welcomed into the circle. The players were friendly and evenly matched to my skill level—which probably isn’t saying much (who knows). What matters is that I felt that I was evenly matched. I wasn’t crushing everyone, but I wasn’t just sitting back watching a ton of super players outwit me at every corner. It was good clean fun.
With that, I can say that I am about to begin a new chapter in my MTG travels. It seems like I am going to be welcomed into the new playgroup with open arms. Now if I can just start remembering names and face that would be great. Ettin Games as a store seemed like they had a lot going on. There were people there playing all kinds of different games and the store had a lot to offer for sale in the way of cards, games, and accessories for said things. All in all Ettin is clearly the place to be in Humble, Tx. I look forward to playing there again and making new friends. I give the place five stars for being friendly, down to earth, but most importantly—real. With all of that said, my only honest complaint was that the tables are tall. It makes it hard to see across the table at the board-state playing field.


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