Technology sure is something… but I don’t know what.

I think technology is way too complicated, overrated, and abused. Don’t get me wrong, science is awesome. Math is awesome. Computers are awesome. But, we have lost the ability to balance. The more that technology advances the lazier people become. The dumber we become. I am not writing this in some way to rant that I am superior and that science is below me. I know that technology has done more good than harm—letting people live longer, more convenient, healthier, better lives. I am not stupid in that regard. I respect technology and those who have developed it to that capacity. But I have to say, I am more than glad to have grown up as a child without the internet. I got the privilege of experiencing the outdoors, my imagination, and tangible relationships. An example of my childhood would be filled with adventures in the woods building forts and creating massive battle plans to take down evil empires of the imagination.
Today, I have a kid that lives on my street, who every day rides his bike to a shady tree (the same tree every day), parks his butt in the grass and stares at his smart phone all afternoon. His parents don’t realize it, but he is probably learning about things like violence, sex, and drugs. And if any of you keep up with things like social media you would know that all of that crap is distorted on the internet. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my 3rd grader learning about the be-headings of ISIS and the fact that they have the option to be a different gender than they are with the right amount of money. As a person who grew to utilize the internet as a touring full time musician, book writer, and blogger. I am on it all the time. But honestly, I am over it. If the internet completely crashed today and never came back up again this is the question: would you be okay with it? And the answer for me is yes. Obviously things would be a hell of a lot less convenient. But as a child who grew up without is as a staple to society, I think we depend on it too much; myself included. We need to get back to the days when we shopped locally, depended less on pop-culture for our self assurance. Does this blog post mean that I am done with the internet and that I am just oh-so-much better than everyone else? No… I am not going anywhere. I am just writing out my thoughts. That is all.
Good day.


One thought on “Technology sure is something… but I don’t know what.

  1. I’ve been annoying everyone around me for the past 10 years saying this very thing. I think the invention of texting was a terrible thing, although I can see it’s, albeit minuscule, value. The cell phone, and now smart phone, have replaced undivided attention and have changed our concepts of relationships. Technology is supposed to aid us, not replace us. That’s why I love the outdoors so much. It’s the ultimate practice of living in the moment. When you are with nature, there is no past or present, just the here and now. It requires undivided attention and care, and it gives you the same. If you need water, food, shelter, it can give it to you whenever you ask as long as you know how to ask the right questions and treat it with respect. It’s a beautiful and loving relationship that all the men of God knew all to well, which is why they would go there to reconnect with themselves, their God, and their world. It’s so awesome to know that we are still of the same spirit brother. Well said and well written.

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