Vagrant Brigade: Page Ten

Things are getting pretty serious. Wait for page 11 to find out how the Elder things managed to get cast into the void in the first place. They are pissed and out to get revenge.

Disclaimer: I am a fan of the Cthulhu mythos and of H. P. Lovecraft, therefore, I realize that some of what my comic book is beginning to unravel is not exactly lined up with the mythos. I do not care. I am just having fun with it and creating my own story. It’s fun fan fiction. Cthulhu never had a friend raccoon and never wore clothing either, so… if you have been enjoying it thus far all I ask is that you keep these facts in mind. I am straying away from the mythos a little. It is all in good fun. At this point if you want to roll your eyes and quit reading my pages as I post them, that is your call. But, trust me. You will be missing out. Because it is totally about to go down. Up until now it has just been setting the stage.

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