A letter to my Past and Future self part 2


Ha ha. I’m back witches. Ok, I said I was going to write this post so I will. I mean follow through, that’s what being an adult is about, right? As I sit here looking at expensive planners, attempting to think adult things, I wonder how I am going to write a letter to my future self. I mean, I don’t know what my future really holds, so I guess this one might be a shorter wish list type thing. Who knows, I will try. Here goes.

Dear 35 year old Sarah,

Wow you have aged, no really, you should bee really proud that you have made it this far and lived this long. Not to be macabre, but did you ever really think you would make it to 30? No, each year (day) is a blessing. I hope you have been well, I hope you haven’t made any drastic life altering changes, but if you have and you are ok, I salute you. If you look back and see mistakes, then look away, look forward, they have not killed you and ultimately have made you stronger. I hope by now you have realized the importance of self care. Twenty five year old you is just learning how important it is to take care of herself before worrying about anyone or anything else. I thought this was selfish for a while, but am beginning to find it necessary. You want to have long hair, maybe you do now, if you don’t its ok, I am sure you are rocking it. You probably still hate to do laundry, but by now you have accepted it as a necessary evil, if not, keep working on it, after all Rome was not built in a day.  As I sit here and try to figure out what to say to you I keep thinking about where you ‘should be ‘ in life by then. There I go setting unrealistic expectations. By now you should have learned to accept that you are on your own journey and no longer compare yours to everyone elses journey. I am sure you are much wiser now, but I am going to tell you anyway- don’t let anyone push you around, don’t settle for less than you deserve, don’t forget the manners your were taught and don’t forget that everyone else is human just like you, so forgive them and love them. There is not much else a person needs to know in the future, but the end of the world will always seem to be around the corner; it is not, its just fork in your path. Take it with gratitude.

Love Myself,



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