Frankenstein’s Army: a movie review of sorts

I watched this movie last night. First off, I have to say that I hate found footage films. They are over done these days. And the more the camera moves spastically, the less I can appreciate the movie. I think the found footage era of b-movie horror needs to die already. I am tired of seeing it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the complexity that goes into making a found footage film actually flow. So, good for them. The film makers are talented. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am tired of seeing these types of films.

With that said, I picked this movie not knowing that it was such a film. Despite this fact I watched it through to the end. Partly because I liked the plot, but also because the editors really did do a bang up job on trying to capture a grainy vintage style of footage that would have been found in the time period. Although it wasn’t all that realistic of an editing job with the gritty filters I found it artistically enjoyable. So I kept going.

Spoiler alert: here is the thing… you spent the entire movie showing one specific character being the dunce of the group—always dropping his gun or holding it upside down. All the other soldiers always getting onto him. They did this so much that it became very apparent really on that this character would be the only one to survive. Sadly, that character was overplayed, not as an actor, but probably do to the directors cue. This made the movie less unexpected. Despite that fact, several of the monsters were entertaining.

Lastly, I posted this blog first off to say that although I hate found footage horror and that it is over rated, you should still see this film. It was a fun ride. And secondly, I hate found footage b-movie horror. The genre needs to fade away.


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