Welcome to Mrs. Douglas’ Art Room!

I love how my room turned out so bright and colorful! I feel it truly shows my personality.


Ok, so I am here sharing photos of my finished classroom because quiet a few people have wanted to see them. Well, basically finished, except for a few things that need to be laminated before they are hung. There is a lot of planning that has went into where everything is in the classroom and various procedures, so it feels good to have my classroom student ready. I was blessed with an abundance of supplies, but I had to physically put my hands on all of them so I knew where they were, (plus reorganize everything)


The biggest improvement was the amount of space the room actually had when everything was organized and I got rid of the extra computer desk, which was unnecessary and organized everything. Now, I know there is a lot to look at, so if you have any questions about what a certain thing is or how I plan on using it, please ask. I really didn’t want any of the room to be wasted space. There ended up being a few areas like that , but luckily they are minimal.


I found many of the signs either online, or I made them to fit the space. I really wanted the whole room to feel finished, but I also didn’t want it to still feel like the previous teachers room, I wanted it to feel like my room! I feel good about the adventure I am about to embark on this year and am happy to be in the space I am!

Now I think I am going to head out to this legendary Lakeshore Learning store to spend money I haven’t made yet!


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