Vagrant Brigade: Page Twelve

Here we can see that things are really heating up for Tucker and his Old One friend, Cthulhu. When they cross the void to go after Matt they may be getting more than they bargained for. But, before I get into working on page 13, who is Ythogtha and Ythoctas? In the actual mythos Ythogtha is a son of Cthulhu. That’s right… one of our main slacker—roommate hopping characters is a dead beat dad. So much so that he left Ythoctas out of the mythos all together. I made Ythoctas up. He is not in the mythos. What makes that so great is that this gives Ythoctas fuel for revenge on his father. Why was Ythoctas left out? What will he do to get back at his father? What will Tucker think of this family feud?

Keep coming back to find out.


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