48 hours of chaos and cameras

This weekend is going to be out of control crazy for me. My good friend Jared, who I play Magic the Gathering with on a weekly basis, has me in the middle of film fest chaos. Where I am a writer on the side, Jared is a film maker. He and his friends have entered a national 48 hour film competition. The premise of this contest chaos in carnet. Jared asked me to tag along this weekend as a helper. Tote this… lift that… and as a writer, help brainstorm ideas. The way the contest works is that today we were given a genre, a prop, and a phrase. Now that we have those we have 48 hours to write, film, edit, and turn in our five to seven minute short film. There are more than 50 film groups competing in the Houston area alone. No telling what the number is nationally. Anyway, I got dragged into it and will be posting a blog tomorrow and Sunday to document our progress while keeping our genre and other requirements a secret. If balls to the wall was a phrase, now would be ideal to use of such a saying. The above images are of us getting gear loaded up and brain storming after receiving out guidelines for the contest. Tomorrow we shoot.

Note: I realize there are a lot of errors in this post. Get over it. It’s late.


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