48 hour film shoot: day two

Today was the second day of our 48 hour film fest shoot. Since yesterday was the brain storm day, today was the shoot, where tomorrow is going to be editing. We started out getting up supper early considering how late we stayed up brain storming. I was told that I am aloud to tell you that the genre we were given at random was western. So, today we ended up at a ranch in the middle of nowhere with horses and cowboys. Jared and I started out our shoot by using his drone to take some b-roll of the lake and trees. The drone came in special handy when we did an overhead pan of the main character riding on his horse. It was hot. It was muggy. It was Texas. So, we shot until almost midnight tonight down o the final take. We were very happy with the over all process. Everyone we worked with was easy going. Surprisingly, I got my hands a lot more dirty than I thought I would. I got to do some lighting. I even spent a lot of time with the lead actor helping him get his lines in order before each set of takes. I would have more to say, but it is late, and I am tired. We have a long day tomorrow doing a few last minute shots and then on to editing.


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