Vagrant Brigade proof copy came in the mail today

I could not be happier. I got the proof copy of the Vagrant Brigade in the mail today. It looks fantastic. My only bummer was that the back page was creased inside the packaging. You can see it below my hand in the photo. When they packaged it, the corner must have flipped up. But who cares. It looks great. And for my first actual attempt at a comic it turned out well. It looks clean and flows well despite one or two type errors. I am going to let those errors slide however and let this comic book be my fun little learning curve. Once I start on my next one I will be sure to spend more time, effort, and talent on it. The hope for my next comic book will be to push it with a publisher rather than just do it as a self release. I did this one as a self release simply because I had a lot to learn and know that I could do better on both a story and visually.

With all of that said, be on the lookout. This puppy will be available online in print and digital copy within a week to two weeks time. I am very excited to see this come together like it did.

Although it will be available in those formats you can still view the story for free by Clicking Here.


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