Your 10 year old is headed toward a coma… just saying.

My little rant for the day is about how society is on a downward spiral of scariness. I am not posting this to try to sound smart of have some type of spiritual or political agenda rant. I just simply made an observation this week while in line at the grocery store and it made me think about the past, present, and future of what is currently acceptable in society. And what I observed was a crazy thing.
First off, I watched as an overweight 10 year old child road around in a scooter provided by the grocery store. This pissed me off more than it probably should have. In my mind I thought back to what society was like when I was that age… back to what was acceptable. At 10 years old it would have been late 80’s to early 90’s. At that time most children were raised to respect the elderly. Thus, leave the freaking scooter for someone who needs it you fat tub of lard! If I was riding the scooter back then and my parents hadn’t busted my chops over it, someone else would have and I would be embraced in front of other store goers, resolving the problem. Leave the cart for someone who needs it! But that was not the case. This fat lazy kid was scootering along like it wasn’t nothing but a thing—his mother all the while aiding in his diabetic future coma.

Cut scene to the old couple in line ahead of me currently loading their groceries onto the conveyer. They were probably in their early 70’s. It appeared that they had dropped a few items, so I stepped forward and asked politely if they had dropped them. They had not. The items had been there already. Seeing that fat boy and then watching myself interact with this old couple made me smile. I was being nice. But to them I probably appeared threatening. When this old couple was growing up someone with a massive beard and tattoos covering every part of their body other than their face meant they were in a bike gang or from prison. Today tattoos are common place, but to this couple they are not.
This got me thinking about how much has changed in the short time that I have been alive. A lot has changed… and not for the better. People are becoming more lazy, rude, disrespectful, and unapproachable. I have had several times where students have recognized Sarah at the mall or something and then expressed that they didn’t say hello because I was with her. Apparently I am considered unapproachable.

So, with that in mind… what does the future hold for me? What will the world look like when I am in my early 70’s in line at the grocery store? If it continues to change as much as it has since my childhood, then I am in for one hell of a scary place.

That is all I had to say. This is nothing new. Anyone smart enough to observe their surroundings has already realized these things. I just wanted to rant about my grocery store experience.


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