Vagrant Brigade is now Available!

Well, my very first comic book has officially seen release. What a happy day indeed. Since this was my first attempt at an actual comic book I decided to self release while honing my skills (a smart idea if I intend to one day pitch something to someone like Dark Horse). You can click here and go directly to the online retailer for the comic book. It is available as a print on demand copy or as a digital download. You can still however view the comic book for free here on my website if you so desire. I decided to work with a company called Ka-Blam for my printing needs. I will say that my experience with them was pretty great. They have great customer support and answered all my questions effortlessly throughout the processes. The copy I received in the mail is high quality, so that is a plus. Ka-Blam even went so far as to set me up with their partner site Indy-Plant for an online retailer. Very cool. My experience with Indy-Planet has only just begun. Though it seems cool to have an online retailer, my advice to them is speed up your website by about 75%. The Indy-Planet site lags terribly. But, with the positive interactions I have received so far, lag or no lag… I recommend them for any indie level comic book creator. They are a great place to start. My only recommendation to Ka-Blam is that they try to set themsevles up with a retail outlet like Amazon, because I know they also do POD printing.

With all of that said, the book is available. If you want one, wait for their site to load and get yourself a copy.


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