Don’t get bored, do something different

Most of you guys already know that I am a serious Magic the Gathering Player, and that I have been playing the EDH/Commander format for quite some time now. In my time playing the game I have come across a few people who say they have become bored with the game. And I think I know why that is. First off you need to know that MTG has an endless spiral of possibilities when it comes to deck building (especially in EDH). With that said, the people I have met who say they got bored with the game all have one thing in common. A lack of imagination. The combinations are endless. If you are getting bored with it, chances are every deck you build functions the same. People get stuck in a rut of creativity. For example, a deck that focuses heavily on creatures and mana ramp. The likelihood that a person who creates that type of deck can and will create another one like it, thus getting bored. If you find yourself getting fed up with the same old game play, change what you are doing with your decks. Do something you haven’t done before. A great way to determine what you have done in the past is what I have done as shown above (way too series, I know). I have taken all of the decks I play regularly and compiled all the cards into a private database on Tapped Out. By doing this I am able to see that White is the primary color that I play among all my decks. I can also see that I rely heavily on creatures and Enchantments across the board. So, if I want to switch things up and do something different, then I should make something with little or no creatures and step away from the enchantments. I am also able to see what colors I run the most. White is in the lead as I said, followed by green, then black. Blue and red are tied for last. Now that I have looked this over, if I wanted to do something knew that I haven’t focused on before, then a blue and red deck with no creatures or enchantments would be an ideal deck for creating something new and fun.

So, why am I posting this blog? To tell you that it might be a good idea to try for yourself. It will help you see things clearly and give you the opportunity to step outside of count comfort colors spells. If you are the type of person that welcomes change, I bet this would make you a better player too in the long run.

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