An honest suggestion to the developers of #UntilDawn

clockdawnOkay, so growing up as a kid of the late 80’s – early 90’s I grew up loving horror. And back when Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64 where the hot gaming systems on the street (before playstation 2 was even an idea), I got hooked on a game called Clock Tower. The premise of this game was stay alive. You were introduced to a set of characters and were then put in situations that were terrifying. A man with giant scissors was after you. In this point and click game you were left with options that had to be made on the spot. Hide under the bed. Throw a trashcan at the bad guy. Sometimes you lived. Sometimes you didn’t. Hiding under the bed one time might cause the villain to leave. Another time he might spot you and stab you through the mattress. In this high tension game survival relied on your ability to think fast as your heart pounded and your palms were sweaty. I was addicted to this game and even played it on my laptop several times later in life. There was even talk of a movie adaptation in 2013, but that never happened. As a long time gamer I didn’t think anyone was going to reach this level of tension on a videogame ever again. Until now…

Until Dawn just came out recently and I have already completed the game twice getting two different endings. This game is the closest thing I have seen to Clock Tower. It holds true to the same functionality of the point and click method while still forcing the player to navigate the high tension world searching for clues and trying to stay alive. From what I understand, this game has 6 different endings depending on who stays alive. My only complaint is the comparison to my biased opinion toward Clock Tower, which had something like 20 different endings. Comparing both of these choose your own adventure style games, Until Dawn takes the cake on graphics… obviously. Although I loved the game I have a request under the assumption that the developer plans to make another game like it. That request is to go check out Clock Tower. The choose your own adventure concept behind that game was a lot more elaborate, allowing a much longer and wider range of game play experiences.


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