Life Lately, Rothko Style

Hello there, How has life been lately? Good, busy, and tiring. November is almost here, which mean for most Texas Art Teachers that rodeo art is fixing to be in full swing! Ekkkk. that’s the really scary thing about Halloween! Which brings me to this post about today. Because of how busy I am most of the time we have turned into homebodies. Ok, I have, Pat has always identified as one. So We went on a little excursion today and I thought I would tell you about it!

Today was the day that any qualifying Texas school who didn’t have the budget to buy mat board for rodeo art could pick up some Free mat board. Well with my baby budget I definitely qualified and trucked my butt all the way into Houston to get some! (I took Pat too since he is the only one who knows how to adequately paddle a canoe and it was supposed to monsoon rain.) I will let you know, they did not have a giant sign saying “Hey Teachers, Free Mat Board Here”. No, they had a tiny sign taped to a tiny door in a giiiiiiiinormous NRG center. We did find it eventually and it was fantastically free. So we were already in Houston and we decided to make a rainy good day of it. We ate at a yummy little Vegetarian friendly restaurant called Field of Greens. (definitely going back there) Then we went to the MFAH to see the Mark Rothko retrospective! I had been dying to see it and was uber excited!

Image-1 I had a fantastic time. I think I enjoyed it even more since my 2nd graders just finished their Rothko Pastel Paintings on Friday! I talked way too much to Pat about the art (he hates that), but what can I say……Art Teacher 4 eva.

Oh, here is a completely unedited photo I got of Patrick in deep concentration looking at an artwork, can’t you tell he is really feeling the emotion of the piece? Me too!

Image-1 (1)Some things we do for money, some we do for love, love, love.  – The Mountain Goats


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