Cthulhu virtual Pet

So, a lot of you may decide to think I am a little silly for this one, but oh well. I got a virtual pet. And his name is Cthulhu! I have a good number of games on my phone to help pass the time if and when the need may arrive. The downside to the games I have is that they are large RPG type games like Final Fantasy 5 and 6… or Cthulhu Saves the World. These games are great, but are hard to invest in when you are only looking to kill two minutes for any given reason. These RPG games take a considerable amount of time investment to move through the open world of such large original Nintendo gaming. That’s what I love about this virtual pet game. It actually has a lot to offer. For starters, it’s freaking Cthulhu. And secondly, it’s a hyper version of the tamagotchi toys we grew up with as kids. You have to keep him fed, give him baths and clean up his poop. You even have to keep his followers going in order to keep him from falling into the eternal dream. He wrecks cities and boats for fun and there are several side games that are simple and fun to help build resources you need to keep him alive. This is just the type of game I was looking for. Something that keeps me invested, because I want my Cthulhu to grow (mine is just a baby, so he looks like a squid head right now). And, it’s simple enough that I can just pull out my phone and play the resource building games for a minute or two when the need arises that I am looking to kill a few minutes. If you have an ISO device, I recommend this game.

The game is free, but it has advertisements out of control crazy. However, it only cost a buck to remove the ADDs. It was worth it.


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