Update of my Virtual Cthulhu


I guess it is time for an update on my tamagotchi style virtual pet Cthulhu. I have had it for a while now and I think he is finally all grown up. He is as big as he is going to get. Although the game recommends that you don’t let him eat witnesses, because if you run out he will die, I realized something. The more time that passes the quicker he will grow. So, rather than putting him into deep sleep while I slept I left him awake. Every morning I would awake to a grouchy Cthulhu who had managed to always eat at least a couple thousand witnesses. But despite the drop in my witnesses the time laps was greater since the game wasn’t on pause while I slept. Because of this he grew much faster. Now that he is all grown the question is, what is the point of the game now? Why keep investing now? What makes this 0.99 cent game so good for only a buck?

Well, that is why I am writing this post. It isn’t often that I find a good game for my phone. So, why keep playing? For starters you still have to keep him alive by giving him a little bit of attention throughout the day. Secondly, what good is Cthulhu without millions of witnesses? Now that he is all grown I have a new goal. Keep him happy and reach 1,000,000 witnesses. There are some players that may have already reached this goal, but remember… I was letting him eat them to make him grow faster.

Time to go steal some dreams and crush some cities. Oh, and the bridge side game on this app is super addicting. I still can’t manage to beat my high score.


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