I canceled my Kickstarter Campaign

Okay, I have a big announcement regarding the kickstarter campaign I just recently created. Today is day 2 of the campaign and I decided for personal reasons to cancel it. First off, I want to say thanks to everyone who got behind me on this project. It really means a lot. The number of people that helped spread the word about it was easily in the 100’s through Facebook and Twitter alone. One special shout out to Brian Keene, my all time favorite author, who also was kind enough to spread the word about it. He is truly genuine and awesome. I did not cancel the campaign because I didn’t think I would reach the goal. Just two days into it we already had several backers, which in all honesty was pretty exciting.


So, why did I cancel the fundraising event?

Because I just didn’t feel right asking for money, plain and simple. It just felt weird. If you want to reach a goal like this one you should strive for it through hard work and effort… not by being a beggar. It felt cheap. It felt tacky. And it felt simply put, erroneous. Don’t get me wrong, I want to reach my goal. I want to get back to writing and recording. I miss the passion I felt through the process of creating and sharing music. But not like this. Not through some cheap trick.

One of the things that brought me to this decision was actually the massive feedback I was getting through the messaging system on kickstarter itself. Once my campaign went live I was flooded with messages from people not associated with the site trying to “help” me reach my goal. It sickened me to see people trying to pray on the hopes of others. Some of them were obvious scams while others offered sure fire ways to guarantee people would back my project. Some of them even offered their assistance for a little coin. It all just made me remember the junk out there—people trying to take advantage of others to benefit themselves.

And at the end of the day that is what this felt like to me. Despite my hopes and desires, I refuse to benefit off of others as a beggar.

So, with that said… thanks to everyone who believes in me.

It means a lot.


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