Dead People School Update

Okay guys, with 2015 coming to a close I am eager and yet terrified about the coming year. On January 4th dead people school is getting kicked back into full gear. I am finally going to be taking courses based on my interest. So, for that, I am very excited. One of the main classes I am excited about is the History of Embalming. That class is going to be pretty cool. So, other than class kicking back into high gear, what else has been going on? Well, I am blessed to have a strong support system from my friends and family. With their help I am going to reach this goal. If it all goes smooth and I pass all my classes I will be graduating the winter of 2016. That junk is right around the corner.


I have also had my ups and downs about finding work after I graduate. This logic is due to my tattoos. This field of work is very traditional and my hands and neck being covered in ink is frowned upon. Because of that it has been hard finding an internship or sorts. But again, I am blessed. Because, despite my appearance I have been working at least 1 or 2 days a week at a Funeral Home in Houston. The work hasn’t been mad scientist stuff, but it is still very relevant and feels good to know my foot is at least in the doorway. Once I get further into school I hope to find a solid part time position as a mad scientist assistant.
Wish me luck.


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