POD: Another Predictable film

Okay, so I just got done watching the movie POD on Netflix and I have to say the movie was predictable. The sad thing about that fact is that could have easily not been the case with the proper marketing. What I mean by that is this: the first chunk of the movie introduces three characters. One of them is apparently crazy and may have trapped and harmed a person in the basement. The last half of the movie is spent finding out the truth. But honestly, we all already know the truth. The brother wasn’t crazy and there really was something down there. Now, without changing the movie how could that have made it less predictable? Two simple things. One: change the movie title. The second: Don’t make the main screen shot on Netflix be of a monster. You wanted your movie to have a twist in which the monster turned out to be real… and yet we already knew it was real. The screen shot before pressing play told me so.


In short it was a good movie. But if you wanted me to be surprise by the twist presented in the middle of the movie, then you should have been more selective with your screen shots being displayed on Netflix.

Lastly, your strongest actor was Larry Fessenden. He should have had a larger role.


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