Bruce Campbell meets R. L. Stine

Last night I watched Terminal Invasion. I have always known that Bruce Campbell played in a lot of super cheesy movies, but this one takes the cake. I love him as an actor in the Evil Dead Series. Who doesn’t? I have even appreciated his cameo appearances in random movies and T.V. shows. But this was just ridiculous. Based on the way the film was done, you have to admit the book was probably pretty good. We have a confined situation where the author took the time to break away from outside help. Add an alien threat and two solid character twists, and you have a good little quick B-list horror read. But something about the film just didn’t cut it for me. And I know exactly what that thing was. I come from a world where Bruce Campbell slings blood and gore across the screen and into my lap. Instead, this cheaply made film used quick digital tricks that were downright corny and poorly executed. Too much post edit for me.


I will say, despite the terrible graphics and acting, I like Bruce Campbell. I also love R. L. Stine. I grew up watching and reading the Goosebumps series. And even later in life I have enjoyed the made for T.V. shorts. They are corny as hell, but bring with them a sense of nostalgia worth the watch. They are fun… and a lot of the time the acting is pretty good.


It is because of my love for Goosebumps and Bruce Campbell that I managed to sit through this movie. The writers of Terminal Invasion would have probably been better off hiring the director of Goosebumps. The effects would have been better.

Just saying.

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