Cockneys vs Zombies: Movie Talk


This movie was pretty good. And honestly that is all that needs to be said when referring the movie to any avid movie watcher, either fan of horror and gore or not. Any zombie genre fan with access to Netflix instant has most likely already seen this film. So, for those of you that skimmed over it with skeptic eyes, like I did a few times at first, this post is for you. I would honestly put this movie on the same level as Shaun of the Dead. It has the same upbeat humor, plenty of crimson splash, and great creative execution scene after scene. The thing that draws any zombie genre movie lover in would be the opening 5 minutes. Let’s have some fun but get to the point. And this movie delivers. Without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, this movie does just that. The opening explanation for the outbreak is simple yet explosive and entertaining.




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