Dead People School here I come

Five days from today school is officially back in full swing. I do have to say that the long break has been not only much appreciated, but needed as well. But truthfully I am itching to get back into the swing of things. A small part of me is nervous just because I will have a heavy workload, but I am excited just the same. I am finally going to be taking classes that are interesting and directly related to my field of study. My hope is that this interest will make the classes easier to get through. Less of a trudge and more of a glide. Fingers crossed.


Anyway, I have had several people mention this week that I have been blogging a lot lately. This is true. I would probably have to contribute that fact to not being on social media anymore despite my blog posts automatically being redirected to such sites as Facebook and Twitter. I have decided to get off of them while I am in school. That much can also be said about blogging. I do intend to commit to at least one post a week minimum for those of you that are subscribed to the site. And it should be easy to do more than one a week, considering I am a writer. But don’t hold your breath. One post a week with a splash of extra posts here and there is all I can promise until I get a better feel for the school load I am about to undertake.


Dead people school here I come!

I have accomplished a lot in my life from being a nationally Touring Signer-Songwriter, to an accredited Author of both horror and bizarro fiction. But nothing will compare to this goal and the struggles and challenges I face ahead. This will by far be the toughest goal to reach that I have set to date. And by-God, I am determined.



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