Good Bye 2015 and Good Riddance

Two thousand and sixteen is here, a new year full of potential and upcoming growth. What will it bring? None of us know really, we have plans and intentions, resolutions so to speak. How many times have we let those go and sat in disappointment? Do not decide today what tomorrow will hold, I challenge you as I challenge myself, let 2016 take you where it may, let its failures make you grow, take each day as a chance for a new adventure. I am calling 2016 the Water Year.  Drink the water, Be the water, Feel the water, Jump into the water, but do not try to hold on to the water. Water is meant for movement and change, allow it to happen.

Oh, two thousand fifteen, how you had the potential to be great. I know for certain that 2015 was a year of growth for me. I would label it as a terrible year, but I can’t really do that, too much forward motion happened in my life. – I got a job in my desired field. -Attended an Art Conference. -Moved for the job to a new place. -Committed to Essential Oils and got off my SSRIs. -Got to see family and friends throughout the year. – Saw my Love begin his journey by going to school to pursue a dream.

Water-Image1.jpgSo, there has been a lot of movement. A lot of newness, awakening. With this newness I at the close of this year have made some realizations.

About myself:

1)I am a one track minded person. I make a goal and that takes over my life so that there is not room for any other goals to be pursued at the same time. This has become very apparent since beginning my new job. They like for everyone to have 300 things going on at one time….nah thanks though.

2)I am horrible with money, but not as bad as I used to be. This year has definitely been a money spending year. I would love to have had more money saved, but then again I didn’t go into debt either!

3)I am slowly becoming a hermit. I have seen a change in the amount of me-time I need since being surrounded by hundreds of people daily.

4)I am a very negative person. While I hate to admit this, I know it is true because I hear the things that come out of my mouth daily.

About other people:

1)Friends are hard to come by. This year has been very telling with the move mainly, I have seen both friends and family fall away. While this has been very difficult, It is to be expected in this age of technology where a text message is considered a real connection. Also, making new friends in a town where you have nothing in common with anyone is an almost futile task.

2)Just because one person does something one way does not mean you have to do it the same. This seems obvious, but in teaching everyone has their own way of doing it.

3)Some people are just in your life when it’s convenient for them. This has been had to accept, but when you realize who they are you need to say goodbye. this is a TOXIC relationship.

4) Most people are not real enough with themselves to be real with you.

So let’s not rehash the past, but move on the to future. Wash away the past so 2016 may be the year of pure pure water.


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