Happy New Year Everyone

Last night I brought the New Year in right with a horror movie from the 80’s, homemade chili, and going to bed by 10pm. That’s right, I got crazy last night and partied hard like it was 1989. I am what you would call an upstanding citizen. A fine contributor to Society. I had not seen this film before last night. Sometime last week I learned that the type of horror movies I like is an actual sub-genre called Body Horror. It is in this genre that movies like THE THING, FROM BEYOND, and VIDEODROME reside. This genre of movies is the pinnacle of special effects, clay-mation, and animatronics.


The movie Society is where I decided to start my search for the unseen films of this sub-genre. The movie started out slow and dragged on until the climactic end. Even still my interest remained peeked because of the subtle hints at what was to come. These hints were so subtle that it gave the film a very tense undertone. And as that tension builds the ending does not disappoint. It was absolutely ridiculously fantastic. Slime covered special effects with pink undertones of lighting. Cringe fest at its finest.

So, anyway, with the new year upon us, the question still remains… do I fit in with Society?

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