The Brain: A movie chat


This movie started out with so much potential. The opening sequence was super trippy and had a girl in her room seeing monsters and the room even shrank in on her. Right off the bat I was in it for the win. Mid way through the movie it lagged a lot, but I gave it the benefit of a doubt. I am glad I watched it because it was from the era that I love so much. But sadly this film was a bust. The ending was terrible. Let’s almost take over the nation with a brainwash monster, and when our son saves the world and things go back to normal we all just act as if absolutely nothing at all happened. The end scene was the kids going out to see a movie. No offense, but I think I would be emotionally damaged after a global event like this. I think I might become a paranoid schizophrenic.

Just saying.

Worth sitting through, but the ending was very disappointing.

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