The Dark Man: Screen Play Adaptation


So, for those of you who have been following this blog for a while already know that I helped produce a short film for a film festival this last summer. Although we didn’t win we were successful. If you didn’t watch it, it’s only a few minutes log. You can click here to see it. Anyway, A long story short I met these film makers as a result of being an author looking to adapt one of my novellas into a screenplay. Shortly after finishing the film festival project we started working on the adaptation. The photo on the top right is the finished screen play.


The novella that we decided to adapt is The Dark Man. Our reasoning for making this choice was primarily being realistic. This book is the simplest one to put into the screen with a realistic budget. No fancy creatures and a minimum amount of film locations.  This is what the book is about.

The human mind holds within its infinite reaches many of the greatest mysteries in the universe. Some are vast and wondrous, while others are chilling and nightmarish. Some mysteries are better left hidden in the dark corners of our minds, never breaking free of our subconscious. Six high school students set out to explore these depths by sharing a mind altering substance on a night meant to be filled with both wild hallucinations and crazy antics. But the fun and games come to a shuddering halt when a strange man appears. This isn’t just any stranger. He is the Dark Man. Haunter of dreams and purveyor of nightmares. Dressed in a black suit and top hat, his pale skin and twisted grin promise a very deranged night of entertainment.

Anyway, I am excited to mention that the screenplay is finished. The week before Christmas I met with the writer, a film maker, and a director… and we hashed out some minor chances and ideas. I am eager to see how this group project unravels during the course of 2016.

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