Will 2016 be TABtastic?


I am going to make this short and sweet….hopefully. My second semester in Art Teachering is quickly approaching. 3 days and counting. I have to be honest, I enjoyed the winter break and did not do everything I planned on doing, but did sleep….man did I sleep.

So am I ready for the semester to begin? As ready as I will ever be! I am ready to put into effect all of the crazy plans I have in my mind. What?! Crazy plans? I am going to be transitioning to a TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior) Classroom. I am very excited/nervous about this transition, but know that it is the best for my students (all students). The main goals I have with this transition are to get a higher engagement level in my classes and to see the fear of mistakes slowly disappear in my student’s minds. That last goal would really be a big deal to see accomplished.

This way of teaching is very choice based, where the teacher sets up stations and the students are allowed to select the medium(s) they will use to complete their own artwork. While the teacher gives up a certain sense of control as to what artwork is created, the classroom becomes far more student centered and students begin to create their own knowledge/ far greater problem solving skills.

I have joined many groups and asked questions. The most important thing I have been told is to be as compassionate with yourself and learning this teaching style as you are with your students! So here is to 2016, new beginnings and being kind to yourself!


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