“Worth the Weight”


So Today (and a too many other times) I went to U-Swirl. If you are not familiar with frozen yogurt you are probably dead because it has been around for a million years. Well I am finally sort hopping on this bandwagon, better late than never. I would like to address a few things though, I think it is ironic how they play it off as a healthy alternative to ice cream, helps your digestion, yada yada. BUT they offer you all sorts of crippity crapptity that you would never in your normal sane mind put on top of your ice cream. Sure, I will put on some m&m’s, caramel sauce, marshmallows, fruity pebbles, mango pieces(gotta be healthy) and what?? Cheetos….sure why not. The best part by far is when you check out and realize that you not only have made a Frankenstein like creation, but must pay 3x’s as much as you would for a pint of Blue Bell.  BUT Seriously guys I got to say, when you master the art of knowing what toppings you actually want….Man, Bliss. I am now going to include some visuals of what my FroYo looks like compared to Pats. I am going to let you guess which one is mine.


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