Lost World 2: Book Review

First off I freaking love dinosaurs. I have a triceratops head for a tooth brush holder. My wallet is from Dinosaur World in north Texas. I have a replica T-Rex fingernail clipped to my belt at all times. So yea, I admit it, when it comes to the things I like I am a little obsessive. So what… at least I have good taste. It seems like the dino-book is a new trend and it has really started picking up steam in place of zombie novels about 4 or five years ago. And honestly I am okay with this. Because dinosaurs pack just as much of a punch in the suspense and gore department so long as you pick up the right book by the right author. Although I am a dino-nut, I have to admit I haven’t read much dino-fiction despite the current trend. I did however read Lost World and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, naturally when the author told me that the second book was out, I had to get my hands on it.


I am proud to say that the second book is much better. The characters in book two become even more likable. Matt was my favorite one because I saw a little bit of myself. To me this shows good writing. A lot of authors fall flat when creating characters. You can tell they tried, but the characters remain paper thin. Just names running through a scene. That is not the case here. You love them, you hate them, and you empathize with them.

For me as a reader I am more into the fast pace grind of constant suspense. Although the first book in this series lagged a little in the middle to build characters and do dialogue filler, book two was definitely more my speed. I love a good action packed book. The fact that it had dinosaurs was just a plus. Just like the back of the book says—the ending truly is astounding. I freaking loved it.

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