The Deadly Spawn: Movies and stuff

Right now I should be trudging through the first day of school for 2016, but I am stuck waiting on the professors to update things online. Instead, while I wait… I watched a movie. 1983’s The Deadly Spawn is one of those films that gets better the longer you sit through it. The Opening scene hints at what’s to come while you spend the first 20 minutes of the movie getting to know characters. And then, once it all gets out of control it gets crazier and faster with each minute that continues. A lot of people would suggest that this film isn’t very Lovecraftian, but I would disagree. We have a meteor that crashes. A monster that comes, molds, grows, and transforms with each thing it consumes. Like an endless sea of leaches things get out of control. This movie kind of reminded me of shoggoth.




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