kill your computer: A dead people school update

Talk about an aggravating start to the semester. I want to start by saying I am not stressed or worried, because I know that with hard work and effort I can and will get caught up. And maybe even get ahead after a few weeks. But still… I’m grinding my teeth so to speak. I am currently taking the general courses online for convenience and to reduce travel expenses before doing my clinical case studies in person. Yesterday was day one of the semester and here I am nearing lunch of day two and I have yet to get started.

My first day was spent dealing with the office and getting stuff squared away—which apparently didn’t fully get dealt with. And now, today of all days At&t had a localized outage. This means the data on my phone and home router are down. It looks as if I will be another day behind. I just hope that this stuff will be resolved by the time I wake up tomorrow. Otherwise I am going to be extremely behind with the assignments due on Friday. So, rather than obliterate my laptop out of aggravation I drew the following picture and watched Dagon for the millionth time. When in doubt, get your Lovecraft out.


Yay for an aggravating start to the New Year, because… let’s admit it. We all know that 2016 didn’t start on January 1st this year. It started on January 4th.

Now, obviously my internet is back on because I have magically managed to post this. I just figured I would share how school has been going so far. Now that the internet is back on I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Wish me luck by liking this post.


2 thoughts on “kill your computer: A dead people school update

  1. Hey man, if this ever happens again go to a local McDonald’s or Starbucks to use their Wi-Fi. That’s what I have to do. Not because of internet not working, but because I’ve got three kids at home and I need quiet to focus. : )


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