Custom Mini-Cruiser Howard the Duck Deck

Well, the mini-cruiser is complete. Here it is in all its splendor and glory. This board to me represents my attitude right now. Less Netflix and more board games. Less video games and more skateboarding. Less couch sitting and more exercise. I am not saying that I have some wild idea for a New Year’s resolution. That isn’t it at all. I am just tired of being lazy and tired. And the only person that can do something about that is me. I used to skateboard a lot in my teens and even in my mid-twenties. But honestly, I am not that young any more. I am still young, but not that young. Gone are the days of trying to 360 Front Side down a flight of stairs. I am just not in it for the tricks anymore. I just don’t have it in me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still skate. And if I am going to skate why can’t I do it in style?


Although I did not create the art, I found what I liked and slapped it together in photoshop. It is a little hard to tell in the photos, but the background is a series of 70’s comic book covers. Rather than just go pick a complete deck from the store, I wanted this thing to be custom. Custom Howard the Duck design. Custom one inch cut on the grip tape. Cruiser trucks with orange rubber shocks and orange wheels to match… so as to make the art pop . I don’t know about you but this thing looks pretty sleek to me. If you want to customize your own board, click here. If you are in the Houston area and need a good reputable shop to go to for help, click here.

Now I just need to get off my lazy butt and find some cool places to cruise around.


4 thoughts on “Custom Mini-Cruiser Howard the Duck Deck

  1. Whoa, I had no idea you could customize your own artwork. So friggin cool. A Prophet of the Dragon deck. Or a Hero’s Ballad deck, one for each hero. That could get expensive, but man it would be sweet.


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