Pimp it: projects for the wife in your life


Now that my mini-cruiser is completed, I have a new goal. I want to create a carrying pouch of sorts for my backpack. As you know, most backpacks that are made to carry a skateboard do this on the front rather than the back. Unfortunately I don’t want to do that even though it would be the easier fix. Here are my reasons. One, I have a lot of really cool patches that I would rather not cover up with a skateboard. Two, I don’t want the inconvenience of un-attaching the skateboard every time I want to access the contents of the backpack. So, for that, I have come up with an alternative.


Some of you might think, why bother creating this intense flap? You could just stick the board inside the arm straps of the backpack and call it done. This is very true. But I have a few reasons for this creative idea. One, I don’t want the board flopping around while I am walking. Two, I don’t want to potentially mess up the backs of my hoodie, jacket, or shirts via constant rubbing against the grip tape. Three, this new area provides extra space to add even more patches!

So there… I have this idea. Now I just need to implement it by making it become more than just my project. I need to tap Sarah on the shoulder and show her this post. She has a new project too.


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