Crash and Burn – Kite edition


The other day Sarah and I decided to bust out the kite. The wind was perfect for it. So perfect in fact that once the kite was up as high as it could go we used my skateboard and let the kite carry us around the parking lot. I took some video but my phone is being lame and wouldn’t let me download the video. Otherwise I would have posted it, too. The kite got so high that you almost can’t see it in the top right photo. Also I busted pretty hard on my board. Face-plant to the cement. Gashed up my elbow pretty good, but that isn’t the bad part. I jammed my hand when catching myself to fall. I know you shouldn’t do that and that it is better to tuck and roll. Sadly this fall was too fast for a mental response. My left hand (dominant) is swollen and it took twice as long as it should have to write this blog.

So yeah… haven’t had the new skateboard for more than a week and I am already eating gravel. Good times.


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