Planechase Cards – what!! what!!

The Plaenechase cards finally came in the mail. For Christmas I received some booster packs from my brother and the in-laws. It was in these booster packs that I hit the gold mind and managed to pull together more than $200 dollars worth in rare and mythic rare cards. I kept a few of the cards for myself in case I decided to build a deck with them in the future, but all in all it was a pretty unanticipated haul. I sold these rare and mythic rare cards to an online dealer that I have dealt with in the past and used the store credit to get planes cards from the Planechase Sets. They had sets come out in 2009 and 2012. Sadly, I could find nowhere online that comprised a total list of all the planes cards. But through searching on my own, I concluded that there were a total of 86 planes in the Planechase series. I could be wrong. Either way I made my purchase and managed to come away with 75 of the total 86 cards, oversized sleeves, and 4 Planechase dice to complete it. This means that if I was right about the total only being 86, that I am merely missing 11 cards to complete it entirely. I don’t know about you, but that was a pretty cool Christmas gift.

Chaotic Æther
Stairs to Infinity
Academy at Tolaria West
The Æther Flues
Isle of Vesuva
Lethe Lake
Sea of Sand
Celestine Reef
Horizon Boughs


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